An Advanced New Platform Helps Developers Manage and Eliminate App Bugs

Software applications can be frustrating for users, especially when they do not function as intended or advertised. Running into problems with an app can easily cause a user to turn away, with few second chances ever being given.

Developers who hope to succeed need to take responsibility for delivering apps that are as free of bugs and pitfalls as possible. Error reporting systems like the one described at Exceptionless.com can make this a lot more practical.

A Comprehensive Way to Identify and Track Errors

There are many ways by which the average app can fail its users, and any of them can be costly. As those who visit Exceptionless online will see, the platform makes it much easier to recognize and account for any such issues by means including:

Notification. A surprising number of software bugs and unwanted quirks escape the notice of developers for overly long times. While making it easy for users to report problems will sometimes help, that approach can never account for every possibility. Systems that automatically notify developers when bugs cause crashes and other problems will always prove their value easily.

Grouping. Most developers today are busy, and that means there will rarely be much extra time to be spent on coming up to speed with application errors. In many cases, a single bug will manifest itself in a variety of different ways, and such sorts of proliferation can lead to wasted time and effort. Systems that are able to group related bugs so that that a clearer view of the underlying issue becomes available will allow developers to make better use of their precious time.

Tracking. Simply recognizing the existence of particular software problems is always a good start, but plenty of work will inevitably need to be done thereafter. Being able to accurately track the progress being made in certain areas of concern will make it much easier to keep things organized and efficient. For an easily resolvable bug, a developer might be able to simply click a check box that marks it fixed, while a more complex issue could benefit from more granular reporting of progress.

Taking Control of Software and Improving It as a Result

Systems like this one promise to allow developers to become much more the masters of the programs and apps they create. Instead of feeling as if bugs must necessarily drag a given project down, developers who are empowered by tools like these can hope to recognize and address errors much more effectively.